Self-assertiveness is having or showing the confidence and courage in stating your views, expressing your feelings, asking for what you want and enjoying your rights – all done with integrity, honesty, directness, and respect for others. This group process helps individuals to learn how to maintain self-respect while communicating personal views, expressing awkward or difficult feelings, asking for what you want and enjoy while maintaining an open and willing participant in the process.

This group exposes client to coping skills, anger management strategies, social skills and feeling identification, allowing clients to practice new skills through games and role play.

The ABC group is designed to teach effective ways to handle anger, cope with stress, and problem-solve effectively.
By actively participating in the process, individuals learn to improve communication skills, decision-making skills, and quality of living situations, and experience the value of goal setting and goal-related success.
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This group will address problems caused by the expression of negative emotions, as clients learn anger management skills, stress reduction techniques, and how to express emotions positively.

Individuals suffering from a substance abuse problem and a mental health disorder will learn how to recognize the two distinct conditions, how they interact with each other, and to develop an understanding of the role medications have in their recovery.

Clients with stress, anxiety, depression and co-occurring disorders benefit from this group that is geared toward providing a setting in which relaxation techniques will be demonstrated and experienced.

This group focuses on the risks of the overuse of prescription drugs, learn about the most commonly abused prescription drugs and their effects, and understand the interaction of prescription drugs with other substances. Unintentional abuse and deliberate abuse are discussed and how dependency can develop during a standard course of medical treatment.

A group for men who would like to discuss any relational, transitional change that is impacting their ability to successfully be the best they can be. Topics may include relationships, self-care, work/life balance, academic success, managing stress, self-image, and other topics that the group feels would be pertinent to their success and achievement.

In a motivating environment, clients learn valuable skills such as the latest nutrition information, how to create a grocery list that sticks to a budget, and shares experiences in a supportive group setting.

Each person also experiences and participates in meal planning and food preparation. Once a week, under staff supervision, each person gains confidence by preparing an evening meal for their peers to enjoy.

This group provides a safe and supportive learning environment through specialized tracks, for individuals recovering from eating disorders, substance use disorders, and or co-occurring disorders. Many people find it challenging to stay on the right path and exert self-control when it comes to old, unhealthy habits. Relapse prevention groups exist to help individuals in recovery stay clean, sober and focused so they avoid relapsing. The activities facilitated by relapse prevention groups help members practice making positive choices in their lives.

The community meeting is a structured, task-oriented meeting which allows staff to monitor the current milieu of the program. The community meeting is a forum to address community wide issues and make announcements of any changes in schedule or routine. The group is given a forum to resolve interpersonal issues which may result from participation in the program.

The Stables Autism Program offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities each day, such as hiking, exercise, mountain biking, horseback riding, volleyball, arts and crafts, music and indoor games. Participating in these activities require clients to engage in social interaction, communication, and planning skills, and provide interaction with peers in real-time.

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