About The Stables

The Stables at Smoky Mountain Lodge is a favorite of our residents. Located on 25-acres of beautiful farmland, residents can interact with a wide range of therapy animals; there is something here for every comfort level. Interacting with animals is a form of therapeutic intervention that helps residents to gain self-understanding and emotional growth.

Our certified and trained staff at The Stables focus on promoting growth and learning in an individual’s life in a non-traditional venue. We utilize evidence-based modalities combined with Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model™ to provide a structured environment that ensures an atmosphere for a developing the tools needed for success after treatment.

, Animal Assisted Therapy
, Animal Assisted Therapy

What makes Animal Assisted Therapy unique for individuals with autism?

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder tend to be more comfortable around animals. This form of therapy provides a non-judgmental environment away from the traditional therapy session. Animal Assisted Therapy recognizes the special bond that can form between the client and the animal and the potential for emotional healing to occur when a relationship is formed. The Stables offers a unique opportunity to interact with animals as part of their treatment to help individuals with autism gain self-understanding.

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