About The Stables

The Stables Autism Program is a favorite of our clients. Located on 25 acres of beautiful farmland, clients connect with a wide range of therapy animals; there’s something here for every comfort level. Our clients participate in animal-assisted therapy (AAT) sessions, which are customized to meet each individual’s needs. Interacting with animals allows residents to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and apply skills learned throughout treatment.

Our certified staff at The Stables focuses on promoting growth and learning in a natural setting. We utilize evidence-based modalities combined with Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model™ in our AAT sessions to provide individualized care in an environment that allows clients to learn and practice the tools needed for success after treatment.

, Animal Assisted Therapy
, Animal Assisted Therapy

What makes Animal Assisted Therapy unique for individuals with autism?

AAT creates a special therapeutic environment allowing individuals with autism spectrum disorder to address challenges with relationship-building, social skills, emotional regulation, and other relevant areas in a non-judgmental environment. AAT recognizes the special bond that can form between clients and animals as well as the emotional healing that can occur from those relationships. The Stables offers a unique opportunity for residents to interact with animals as part of their treatment journey towards independence.

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