At The Stables Autism Program, we provide a foundation that is built on a solution-focused and family systems model. In a natural environment, we use evidence-based therapeutic strategies that help individuals develop self-sufficiency, autonomy, enhanced relationships, and communication skills as they identify their strengths and find new opportunities for growth.

Each level of programming at The Stables Autism Program focuses on helping individuals develop skills in four main categories:

  • Goal setting
  • Executive functioning
  • Emotion regulation
  • Social skills

As individuals advance through the program levels, they explore the nuances and the unique challenges related to autism spectrum disorder.

What are the program levels?

Individuals progress through the program at their own pace, and no two individual’s progression is alike. Each level of the program includes key objectives to help individuals meet their specific goals.

Level 1: Assessment, Stabilization & Orientation

The first level of the program focuses on a comprehensive assessment, profile development, and customizing an individualized treatment plan. During this first phase, individuals are engaged in orientation and social activities as they become acclimated to the staff, other participants, and their surroundings.

Level 2: Assimilation & Application Phase

The second level of the program is the most essential part of the wellness journey. During this phase, individuals adapt and adjust to the environment of care, other participants, and the overall program. Responsibilities are increased during this phase, as individuals take more ownership of their day-to-day schedules and explore new activities.

Level 3: Action & Integration Phase

During the third level of the program, individuals prepare to return to the family, home, work, and community environment. This level allows individuals to use the tools and skills they have learned during their experiences as they prepare for the next level. Towards the end of this phase, we encourage participants to consider their future and develop a transitioning strategy.

Level 4: Maintenance & Modeling Phase

In the final level of the program, individuals demonstrate their new and redeveloped skills and personal growth. During this time, participants focus on personal life restoration planning and individualized transition plan development in which individuals can be considered for Peer Mentor positions, volunteer opportunities, employment opportunities, and participation in other community-based functions with reduced supervision. Each person is responsible for managing their daily life with some support from our team.

Additionally, using interactive program components, we support the families of our clients as they grow and develop in their relationships with their loved ones. During each of the four levels of the program, individuals and their families have a set of requirements they must complete before moving forward to the next level. Each level also has specific privileges that the client may enjoy once he has reached it.

The Stables Autism Program Meets the Unique Needs

We understand that it can be challenging to find treatment to meet the unique needs of someone with autism. For this reason, we provide a thorough assessment and work with the client and their family to understand their goals and needs and then design a customized treatment plan that is therapeutic, evidence-based, and built on a solution-focused foundation.